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Career Coaching  -  Essential elements for your career

+++ Data Protection +++  -  Data protection statement acc. to EU-GDPR

Negotiation Skills  -  Prepare negotiations professionally

Salary Negotiation  -  To be adequately paid

Conflict Management  -  Resolving conflicts in a benefit-oriented manner

Presentation - Rhetoric  -  Confident appearance and presentation

Application Training  -  Developing job perspectives

Website Optimization / SEO  -  Improve your search engine ranking

SEO Workshop  -  OnPage Optimisation

Our Prices  -  Prices for our coaching and courses

Imprint  -  How to contact us

Co-operations  -  Our partners in coaching and seminars

BUSINESS-COACHING-COLOGNE supports you as a competent and experienced feedback and consultancy partner in the areas of career coaching, speaking and presentation skills training, negotiation and conflict management as well as search engine optimization. Details about our prices can be found here.

Do you have any questions? Then simply send us an email  or call directly. And please take a look at our data protection declaration. Thank you.

As we often travel, the best way to reach us is to call

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Optimal preparation
for salary negotiations

Every 1st Friday
in the month,
09.00 am - 12.15 pm
only 240,- € incl. VAT

Improve search engine
ranking for your website

Every 3rd Friday
in the month,
09.00 am - 12.15 pm
only 240,- € incl. VAT