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Conflict Management:  Benefit-oriented resolution of conflicts

In practice, conflicts that have not been identified or resolved in good time lead to high frictional losses in cooperation. This usually leads to a decline in productivity for the companies, but in the worst case also to serious consequences for the workforce - e.g. health damage / burnout due to bullying.

We prepare you through intensive coaching for important discussion
and conflict situations in order to limit the aforementioned negative consequences to the greatest possible extent. Our training covers
the following topics:

  • Early detection of conflicts / conflict indicators
  • Situation analysis and information retrieval
  • De-escalation techniques / moderated conversation
  • Exploration of mutual interests and striving
    for a reconciliation of interests
  • Fundamentals and special features
    of mediation
  • If there is a lack of will for agreement /
    cooperation - legal possibilities

BUSINESS-COACHING-COLOGNE supports you as a competent and experienced feedback and consultancy partner in the areas of career coaching, speaking and presentation skills training, negotiation and conflict management as well as search engine optimization. Details on our prices can be found here.

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